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Commentaire de Novelria, 14/04/2012, 16 04 51 (UTC):
First off, the best term for these Indian films is Hindi films. Bollywood is a misnomer.The Wikipedia link below is a lelray good start. One thing about Hindi films is, by and large, religion, family values and morals play a large role in the films. And like Hollywood films, depending upon the tastes and cultural influences from other cultures (particularly American) of the times, the movies vary from decade to decade, but the above influences are important. Religion has always played a large role in Hindi films, and ancient religious texts have always been an inspiration for the films. Love and vengeance are also two big themes.There are a few books also available on the history of Indian film making or Bollywood films.

Commentaire de Yohan, 04/11/2010, 14 02 21 (UTC):
Super ce quiz, merci!!!!

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